The True Cost of Our Clothes

The fashion industry is the second most environmentally damaging sector in the world.  It is our new found passion for “throw away” fast fashion that is threatening our planet….. and many of us are not even aware of it.

Alongside the oil, coal and palm oil industries, clothing manufacture is one of the most damaging.  British consumers are buying at a faster rate than ever before.  It is estimated we have around £30 billion of unwanted clothes in our wardrobes, meaning we are some of the biggest contributors to catastrophic rainforest deforestation, water contamination and pollution.

At Firths We Choose Quality Over Quantity

It is so important that we consider the damage being caused and act to make the right choices in what we buy and keep, taking the power to make positive change.

At Firths we ask you to spread the love.  To empower people to make informed choices.

We encourage you to stop and think about our new super-charged approach to throw away fashion - reduce your consumption by buying quality and not quantity, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and helping to forge a sustainable future

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